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Final report
The final project report has now been published.

read the report [pdf]

PETRE is a three-year project, one of four funded by the Anglo-German Foundation (AGF) as part of its “Creating sustainable growth in Europe” research initiative, details of which can be found on the Foundation's website. The project was led by the Policy Studies Institute until the end of 2007 but is now led by King's College London. PETRE has five other project partners, based in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

The overall aim of the project is to generate substantial new insights into the conditions for sustainable economic growth, and how this might be promoted through public policy, by linking the concepts of resource productivity and environmental tax reform (ETR). In particular, it will investigate the major issues related to resource productivity and ETR, including both economic and environmental implications and impacts. While the project will focus on Germany and the United Kingdom, it will also consider the implications for other countries within the European Union, and within the global economy.

The project comes at a time of some challenge for European policy-making, in respect of both unemployment and fiscal balance. So far there is little evidence of the Lisbon Strategy and process providing the new impetus to growth and competitiveness that was intended. In these circumstances it is more difficult to achieve the policy integration, in particular in respect of environmental policy, which is called for in the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. It is intended that this project should generate significant new ideas and recommendations in respect of these issues, contributing thereby to both the Lisbon process and the objective of policy integration.