productivity and environmental tax reform in Europe
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Presentations to the Economy-Environment Panel at the
Seventh European Forum for Science and Technology
Prague, 22 May 2008

Barker, T. (2008) - Competitiveness and the EU’s 2°C target: Implications of recent scientific findings [pdf]

Ekins, P. (2008) - Decoupling Growth from Carbon: Possibilities and Policies [Powerpoint]

Giljum, S. (2008) - EU natural resource policies: The need to consider global aspects [pdf]

Meyer, B. (2008) - Some General Remarks on Economic Environmental Policy [Powerpoint]

Šauer, P., Vojácek, O. (2008) - Environmental tax reform: Preliminary results of a survey in the Czech Republic [Powerpoint]

Speck, S. (2008) - Implications of EU Environmental Policy for the new EU Member States [Powerpoint]

Janicke, M. (2008) - Environmental Innovation, Lead markets and Competitiveness

Presentations from the AGF Mid-Term Conference,
Berlin, November 2007

Speck, S. (2007) Differences in Environmental Tax Reforms (ETR) between CEEC and Germany/UK [pdf]

Barker, T., Meyer, B., Pollitt, H., Lutz, C. (2007) Modelling Environmental Tax Reform in Germany and the United Kingdom with E3ME and GINFORS

Agnolucci, P (2007) Energy Demands in Industrial Sectors [Powerpoint]

Ekins, P. (2007) - Economic Growth, the Environment and Well-Being [Powerpoint]

Giljum, S. (2007) - Global dimensions of European natural resource use [pdf]

Šauer, P. (2007) ETR in the Czech Republic – Preliminary Results of Qualitative Research [Powerpoint]

Other presentations

Speck, S. (2008) Environmental Tax Reforms in EU Member States – the current status and future development [Powerpoint]