productivity and environmental tax reform in Europe
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  Work packages

The project consists of five linked work packages, where each is formulated in terms of one or more specific research questions.

WP1 The link between resource use, economic performance and environmental quality

Is there any relationship between trends in resource productivity, resource (especially energy) prices, environmental quality, economic growth and competitiveness?

WP2 The resource and labour impacts of European ETRs to date

What have been the resource and labour impacts of the ETRs that have been implemented to date in Germany and the UK?

WP3 Modelling the single-country, European and global economic and environmental effects of different ETR regimes

What might be the impacts on labour and resource productivity, resource use and employment, and environmental impacts, of major ETRs in the UK, Germany and the EU in the future? 

WP4 Implications for Central and Eastern European Countries

What are the implications of the analyses for the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe, and for the design and implementation of ETRs in these countries?

WP5 Global Dimensions of Sustainable Growth in Europe

What are the implications of higher European resource productivity for European competitiveness, for world-wide patterns of natural resource extraction, production, trade and consumption, and for other (especially developing) countries, and what are the policy implications?